Year Of Troublemaking

Tiny Stories Vending Machine

A few months ago I wrote about my lockdown art project — converting a broken down vending machine into one that dispenses artworks. The Tiny Stories Vending Machine is now out in the world.

Its first home is at Cave, a vibrant community art space in central London dedicated to…

2021 #YearOfTroublemaking

As part of the Compassionate Troublemaking plan to make 2021 the ‘Year Of Troublemaking’, we want to spotlight amazing mischief-makers and their wonderful forms of disruption. We kick off with Coralie Oddy-Propsting and her ‘Tiny Stories’ Vending Machine.

Photo by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash

As a new lockdown beckoned, I decided to put into action a…

How life modelling changed my life

Posing naked for art classes made me happier, healthier and more grounded than I’ve ever been

The first time I life modelled was at an event called Spirtied Bodies. It was women only. The model would talk while she posed, letting her body speak…

Opting out of anti-racism isn’t an option

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Racism is a lot like a viral pandemic. It spreads everywhere and permeates everyone’s lives. In our own small actions, we personally may have had a hand in spreading it, even though we may not have known it or intended it. Nonetheless, everyone has a responsibility to fight against it.

Coralie Oddy-Propsting

Exploring art, activism, adventure and radical compassion, while finding my way as a parent and person

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