How I (secretly) asked my husband to marry me

Photo by Daniel Álvasd on Unsplash

I like to make origami cranes for people. Sometimes I make them for friends. Sometimes I slip them into books or the pockets of clothes destined for the charity shop, for strangers to find. I often write secret notes inside the paper, knowing they are unlikely to be unfolded. Notes like — I love you, you’ve got this, you are enough.

I gave an origami crane to my husband once, before we were married. I told him I wanted him to look after it, and that this was really, really important to me. He looked after that origami crane for a whole year. When he asked me if I would marry him, I told him to unfold it. Inside, it said:

I love you. I know you will look after me, like you have looked after this crane. I want to look after you too, always. Will you marry me?

And that is how I surprised my husband with a proposal before he proposed, after he proposed.

Exploring art, activism, adventure and radical compassion, while finding my way as a parent and person

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